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MLM Software Developer In Patiala

October 6th,2023

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MLM Software Company In Patiala

MLM pixel is one of the best MLM software company in Patiala that helps you create software for your Multi Level of Marketing. We have one of the best professional developers in the team. 

 Our team provides you with easy access and simple-to-understand software with various types of tracking of sales and payments and also helps protect against cyber attacks. Our Software is both mobile and desktop-friendly. Our team creates for you plagiarism-free content, logos, decorating the pages and responsive testing. We stay updated with the market trends and continually update our technology infrastructure which helps optimise the business and boost the sales system. Our team delivers the services in the promised time.

Network Marketing plans under MLM

  • Binary plans
  • Unilevel plans
  • Matrix plan
  • Board plan
  • Gift plan
  • Crown funding
  • Generation Plus

(Inclusive of 10 pages, Design customization, Content upload, Responsive design, Source code)

Key features of our MLM Software company in Patiala

  • E-wallet system
  • Agent and downline chart system
  • E-pin board
  • Customer Board
  • Franchise control
  • Account organization
  • Client organization
  • E-commerce integration

Why choose us?

Our team has over 10 years of service experience in this field. We provide you with the best quality service at affordable rates and 24*7 customer service; we deal in all multi-level business categories.

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